What Is a Mortgage Broker and How Are They Paid?

What Is a Mortgage Broker and How Are They Paid?

A broker, in layman’s term, is an agent who conducts specific functions like buying and selling of assets on behalf of others, and in complement to this definition, a mortgage broker, as the name suggests, brokers mortgage loans. They act as an intermediary between loan seekers and providers who earn commission from either or both of the two.

Mortgage brokers do not work for any financial institution. They work individually and charge a commission on the services provided by them, which is usually a rate levied on the amount you borrow.

The advantage of utilizing the services of a mortgage broker is that you find all the relevant details related to various mortgage options available all at your fingertips. You do not have to reach out to different financial institutions in order to learn about their mortgage terms. Thus it is easier to find mortgage terms suitable to your needs if you approach a mortgage broker.

What Is a Mortgage Broker and How Are They Paid?

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