What size mortgage do I qualify for?

What size mortgage do I qualify for?

 The foundation of a solid mortgage loan is an honest cash down. It shows you how much money is available to you every month for a loan. The following two steps are necessary:

Step 1: Determine monthly leeway

Firstly, you should draw up a budget statement and record all revenue and expenditure. With our household calculator, you will be able to identify how much money you have to spend a month on real estate financing in just a few minutes.

Step 2: Determine the maximum purchase price

If you know your monthly leeway, you can calculate how much your future property can cost. Our budget calculator shows you the highest amount of credit available in your financial capacity.

In addition to the actual purchase price for the property, there are various additional costs, which is overlooked at first sight.

Step 3: Assistance with the cash down- Rate trade advance advice

Professional support for your budget check offers you our advance information. It will determine how much amount of home mortgage you can afford – and what conditions are currently available for you.

At the same time, he has access to over 400 offers from banks and savings banks. It makes easier to find the right property – and you also have an advantage when buying:

you can get a financing agreement within a very short time. It also increases your chances of winning the purchase of your dream property.

Step 4: Mortgage calculator

Just a few years ago, builders had to consult with a bank or buy expensive software to plan their loans. On the other hand, online mortgage calculators make Excel unnecessary, and borrowers can also do the same without obligation and free of charge.

Comfortable products, such as the mortgage calculator from ImmobilienScout24, go one step further.

Here, borrowers can enter loan sum, equity, and initial repayment conveniently with a graphical slider. This saves the annoying insertion of the numbers.

The calculator also offers useful extras for the calculation of the acquisition costs.

In a simple way, prospective buyers enter brokerage, notary and land register fees as a percentage – the actual amounts are calculated automatically.

What is the result of the mortgage calculator?

If all details regarding the property as well as the ancillary costs are made, borrowers can also specify the repayment rate as well as the nominal interest rate as desired.

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