With intent to recover the cost of uninsured drivers, the Vans Insurance cost has increased considerably over the past few years. And the reason for the increase is that the uninsured driver cost hugely to insurance companies. So the insurance prices coupled with the increased fuel price make it imperative to shop around before you make a selection of an insurance policy for your van./p> van insurance

Legal requirement It is illegal to have an uninsured van, and you will be held liable for a penalty fine if your van is not insured for a minimum of third party insurance. Unless you have made a SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notification) with the DVLA which declares your van as an off-road vehicle, you will be held liable for the penalties. The exception to the rule comes into effect when your van is recorded as stolen and not recovered, sold, or in between registered user or scrapped.

Levels of Van Insurance Plan How much you are willing and ready to pay decides the level of insurance cover. There are three types of van insurance available in the market and they are, fully comprehensive, third party and insurance against fire and theft.

  • Fully comprehensive insurance cover: - It is one of the most expensive van insurance covers. And the reason for being the most expensive is it provides protection against damage to the van, yourself and property, even if you are responsible or liable for the damage. Even though the plan offers you a higher level of protection, but the plan may not cover you for every eventuality which can occur if your vehicle is a breakdown. And for this, you have to arrange for the van breakdown cover plan.
  • Third party insurance plan: - It is one of the least expensive of all the available van insurance plans. The plan is useful when you don't have the resources to pay for the greater level of the plan or if the vehicle that you have chosen do not worth to be insured with huge money. The policy is used to pay out for the damages of the victim who are involved in the accident. However, you are going to be liable for the damages to your vehicle in case of an accident or theft.
  • Third party insurance fire and theft: -It is a level up from the third party van insurance and offers protection if your vehicle is damaged by a fire or stolen. It covers you in the event of an accident for which you are responsible. You will be covered for the damages that are caused by you to others vehicle, property and injuries. It also provides protection in the case of theft of the van.

Find the best deal When you are looking for the van insurance plan, it is imperative for you to consider the different types of van insurance plans available in the market. Because you may need an individual policy that suits best to your particular needs and requirements. And for the best deal, it’s always good to go to a comparison of the available policies. While shopping around for the van insurance plan, you will also come across the young van insurance plan, courier van insurance, temporary insurance plan and van insurance plan for convicted drivers.

There are other things as well that can be taken care while making the selection of a van insurance plan, but all the road goes to affordable coverage coupled with considerable saving. So try to know as much about the plans to make a better selection.