Eight ways to help get your Mortgage Application Approved – RateTrade.ca

Eight ways to help get your Mortgage Application Approved – RateTrade.ca


When you apply for a loan, then an application for a mortgage is submitted to a lender. There is some specific information in this application that determines whether your application will be approved or not.

Many factors determine when your application will be approved or how much time it will take. It can take 1-9 months and even more.

. There are intense demands for such application, which is affected by the covid-19 situation.

This application is almost approved when your finances’ personal information is collected and verified. Here are some ways to help you make mortgage application approval faster.

Eight tips to get your mortgage application approved instantly.

1. Think closely about whether you can pay back your loan or not with your finances. If our finances or income is insufficient, you can take help from a cosigner.

This is because when affordable calculations are done, then the income of a cosigner is also included.

Even if he is not living with you, their income will be counted by the bank as their income will play a role in your payments.

It is important to note that your cosigner must have a good credit history, stable income, and good history of employment.

2. You should not take help from a cosigner if he or they can not make payments on time. However, if you still cannot make enough income or money for your payments of mortgages, even if you have a solid history of employment or a stable income, you can take help from a cosigner.

3. Sometimes, the condition of the market as well as the economy is not good enough to approve mortgage applications soon.

In such cases, you should wait for the markets or the economy to improve, which will help you get approval for your application.

This can also make changes in the best mortgage rates which will boost the quality of loans and monthly payments.

4. It is important to improve your credit score, which will increase your savings and reduce your debt. You should first get a credit score and a copy of your credit report.

Once you have your accounts, you can quickly get credit stores from credit agencies.

5. Your mortgage application approval is also affected by your credit history. If your credit history is insufficient, it can reduce the chances of your application approval.

You can get a secure credit card by which you can secure your account. However, if you already have many cards, then it can hurt your credit score.

6. It is essential to pay some of your debts so that the card balance is not close to the limit of credit cards. The ratio of the utilization of cards also affects the approval of mortgage applications.

Banks will view you as a credit risk if you are close to maxing out your cards.

7. You can get a mortgage application on a slightly less expensive property if you can not make payments. This way also, your mortgage application will be approved in a better way.

8. If your chances of getting mortgage application approval are less, you can ask your lender for a second opinion of their company.

You can ask for an exception by giving a good reason. In this case, you should carefully write a letter in which you defend your case.

You can also explain your reasoning as a one-time event due to natural disaster, death in the family, divorce, medical expenses, etc.


Getting your mortgage application approved can be easy as well as challenging. It is essential to have enough information about how you can get your mortgage application approved.

You can improve your credit history, increase your credit score, get a cosigner, and use other ways to help approve your mortgage application.

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