What is creditworthiness and how can it be determined

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Creditworthiness is a method of valuation done by the lender before disbursement of any fund to judge the strength of a borrower to repay the debt obligations.The lender considers the assets, liabilities and future business of the borrower to make sure that they can repay.

For verification of a client, you have to use a credit report from a known credit agency. You would get the Credit Score of the customer. The agency would go through the current financials, the historical credit rating, and the performance of the company regarding repayment of previous loan. The report would suggest the volume of credit the borrower can pay off debt.If the lender follows this guideline, it can avoid bad loan which may lead to bad debt. Free Credit Score facilities are available on Ratetrade.ca.

There can be different types of requirements for you to borrow money. When you want to renovate your existing home or go for a wonderful vacation or you may want to consolidate your loan portfolio. When the requirement is a large amount of money for something like purchase of some asset, you should go for a personal loan. This is done through single disbursement. There are options of fixed and variable rates of interest. The variation in the rate of interest depends on the fluctuation of the mortgage rate in the market. The minimum amount of loan depends on the rules of the lender. The amount which you are eligible to get as loan is totally dependent on your credit score and also your capability of repayment of the loan in time. The lender gives you option regarding the periodicity of the repayment. The total amount includes a part for interest on loan and the other part repayment of principal.This loan can either be secured or unsecured. When the loan is without any security, it is considered to be unsecured. But if the loan is against some collateral which gives the lender the ease to recover the loan if there is any failure. The rate of interest on unsecured loan is higher than that of secured.

A Personal Line of Credit can be defined as a loan that you are allowed to withdraw from time to time. When you need to spend on purchases and expenses, on a regular basis and you are not sure of the amount you would require, it is better to go for Personal Line of Credit. The advantage of this loan is that you have to pay interest only on the amount you have withdrawn and not on the whole amount of the loan sanctioned. In this type of loan, the interest is always variable. In this type of loan can also be secured or unsecured with lower rate of interest for secured loan.

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